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Moon Exploration

The approximate distance from the Earth to the Moon is about 385,000km. We know this because there has been various Moon exploration in the last
decade, in fact there has been about 50 space probes launched to the Moon between the United States and the USSR (now Russia ).

The very first probes were intended either to pass very close to the Moon or to crash land into it. It wasn't until later probes that soft landings with instruments intact and achieved stable orbits around the moon were successful. These objectives were only achievable with greater rocket power and more precise maneuvering.

The Soviet Union's Luna series were the first to accomplish these objectives. Four different launches where made during the periods 1959 to 1966 with various results.
Some of these achievements included:
  • landing on the moon;
  • obtaining pictures of the moon's far side as the probe flew by;
  • orbiting around the moon; and
  • sending a large variety of television pictures to earth.

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