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Diamond Exploration

Diamonds is every girl's wants and the bigger the better. But have we you wonder how are diamonds formed?

Diamonds are just carbon, rather pure, commonly found in a form of coal or graphite, but it is extremely valuable in form of a diamond. This is why diamond exploration has been such a rich business.

Diamonds are different because they consist of carbon in a very special and rare crystal grid. The ideal conditions of high pressure and high temperature, but no oxygen is required to produce diamonds from plain carbon was discovered many decades ago. Those conditions are extremely rare, and so only very few deposits of diamonds exist worldwide. Most of them are concentrated to a rather small area, located main in south-western Africa, and south-eastern America. Other locations include Russia, Canada, and Australia.

Diamond exploration is are costly matter as it involves much technical experience and expertise in several fields, such as heavy mineral sampling and processing, mineral identification, indicator mineral chemistry, glacial geology, alluvial
deposits, tectonics, large scale geophysics, structural geology, petrology, chemistry and geophysical techniques. All of these fields are becoming increasingly sophisticated as diamond exploration activities evolve.


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