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Arctic Exploration

The Arctic is all of the earth north of the Arctic Circle . It is located at 66 degrees, 32 minutes North Latitude. It is surrounded by ocean which is
4000 meters deep, which you can walk on as it is 2-3 meter thick ice floes floating on the water at the North Pole.

During the summer month's temperatures barely raise more then 0 centigrade, while winter temperature it is about -30 centigrade. To make conditions
even harder the Arctic is in dark throughout winter and light throughout summer, meaning no sunrise in winter and not sunset in summer.

Long before the arrival of Europeans, the first Arctic explorers where the Inuit themselves, though most of their journey's remain undocumented. The Inuit have been traveling and exploring the icy waters and frosty continents of the Arctic region for thousands of years in search of foods, supplies, and settlement areas.

Other arctic exploration where followed by:

  • 1st European Arctic Explorer – Pytheas in 330 BC
  • 1st to Explore the Greenland – Eric the Red in 981 AD
  • 1st to search for Northwest Passage – Martin Frobisher in 1576
  • 1st Expedition to survive Arctic Winter - Henry Hudson between 1610 – 1611
  • 1st to reach magnetic North Pole - Sir James Clark Ross in 1831
  • 1st to Cross Greenland – Fridtj of Nansen in 1888
  • 1st to Sail Northwest Passage - Ronald Amundsen between 1903 - 1906




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